Hot and cold Conveyor belt splicing service

Poly Services Industry (PSI) specializes in conveyor belt hot and cold splicing of all types of conveyor belts (textile belts, cable belts, chevron belts…) on site and in the workshop.

We have:

  • 2 Rema Tip Top brand vulcanizing presses for hot vulcanization of belt up to 1200mm wide.
  • Toolbox including all tooling for hot and cold splicing ie, take off ply, ply cut, variable speed grinding wheel, ratchet hook, brush, disc and abrasive grinding wheels, knives, roller, alloy steel roughing disc, frog clamp, rubber stripper 
  • SC4000, SC 2000 brand Rema glue tip top
  • Depreux glues
  • Bonding rubber for hot splicing
  • Dissolution for rubber-rubber adhesion

Vulcanisation press Technical data

Vulcanisation press Technical data

  • Brand REMA TIP TOP:
  • For belt width up to 1200 mm 
  • Power  220 V
  • Heating pad:1470 x470 mm
  • Weight : 200 kg

Our technicians enjoy many years of experience and a good knowledge of the techniques related  to hot and cold conveyor belts jointing
All factors have allowed us to position ourselves as a preferred subcontractor to our customers.

We are proud to count among our customers for hot and cold conveyor belt services, mines customers such as Endeavor Mining (riverstone karma, Hounde Gold) Nordgold (Bissa), Glencore (Nantou mining), Roxgold Sanu, Semafo Bongou, and cement factories such as Cimburkina, Cimaf and  mine builder such as Lycopodium, Groupe Five …

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